Database of actors in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell value chains

Supporting the FCH 2 JU's project on Europe's role in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell value chains

FCH 2 JU has commissioned E4tech and Ecorys to conduct an in-depth analysis of the European FCH sector, its role in global value chains, and future opportunities and threats. To support this project and the ongoing work of the FCH 2 JU, we would like your help, by providing important information about your organisation and its role in FCH value chains. This short questionnaire will help us build a database of players in European FCH value chain.

Completing this database questionnaire

This questionnaire will ask for basic information about your organisation, before asking you to select fuel cell and hydrogen applications where your organisation is active.

For commercial actors: For each application, we will ask you to provide information about the current status of development, shipments and current and planned production capacity. We will also ask for data on your organisation's number of staff, and annual turnover and investment in FCH.

For knowledge-based actors: We will ask you to provide information about your key research activities by application, number of staff, annual research funding related to FCH topics, and interactions with FCH supply chain actors.

We suggest gathering this data or having it accessible before starting to respond to the questionnaire. The questionnaire is best viewed and completed on a desktop or laptop computer (although it is mobile responsive).

Your responses are saved, every time you click the “Save and go to next question” button. You can interrupt your session by clicking on the “Pause” button and then request an individualised link that will allow you to return to your questionnaire.

Please note that responses must be submitted by Friday, 13th April 2018 to be included in the study.

Please contact if you have any questions about completing the questionnaire.

Confidentiality of data provided

The following information provided by participants in this questionnaire is intended to be made publicly accessible through the FCH 2 JU website after completion of the project:

    • Organisation's name, address and website
    • Organisation's description (if provided on profile page)
    • Organisation's technology coverage (e.g. PEM fuel cell, alkaline electrolysers, etc)

Commercial actors:

    • Name of department (if provided on profile page)
    • Organisation's value chain position (e.g. system user, system integrator, component supplier)
    • Organisation's product portfolio (e.g. bipolar plates, pressure vessels, etc)

Knowledge based actors:

    • Name of department and/or name of research group
    • Research focus

All other information provided will not be made public in a way that is attributable to individual organisations. Data may be aggregated with those from other organisations in order to give data for the sector as a whole (e.g. total employment).